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Therapy Areas

TALK THERAPY AREA – Typical psychologist’s office, with notebooks, dolls, blankets, etc. to give children a sense of security and comfort. Colorful animated character rug(s) in the middle of the room to assist children in the comfort process. This place would be located on the third floor of the main building.

ART THERAPY AREA – Mural-covered walls accentuate these areas, which would be filled with any and all kinds of art mediums from pencils and paper to clay. This place would be located on the third floor of the main building.

PLAY THERAPY AREA – Also located on the third floor of the main building, this mural-filled room would be the primary place for play therapy. It would have double-sided glass (mirrored on one side, used to observe) in order to watch play from the observation room next door. This room would have all kinds of toys, such as furniture, dolls, cars, etc. Set up so that the child can feel safe to reveal their innermost secrets through play. Dress-up clothing is also located in this area – all kinds of clothing, ranging from old suits and dresses to costumes.

ANIMAL-ASSISTED THERAPY AREA – Located on the entire farm area of the shelter grounds. Kids bond with the animals, overcome fears of harm coming to the animals they have bonded with and they learn the different aspects of taking care of animals – feeding, brushing, giving affection, milking a cow or goat, helping to shave a sheep, etc.

EXPOSURE THERAPY AREAS – No set place for this kind of therapy. Take the fears as they come and slowly work on them with the child whenever they need the assistance.


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