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AJ's Virtual Gravesite... leave a note and flowers today!

Welcome to A.J.'s Place!

This is a website, not only about the story of little A.J. Schwarz, but it's meant to be a true resource to advocates, parents and anyone else who works with children.

Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, I would like to establish some kind of advocacy email/phone network so that if petitions need to be signed, media needs to be contacted, or if people need help in some kind of way -- whether it be from a CPS case or something you've seen in the media -- we can get the help to you ASAP. This site's MySpace account is a great beginning of that part of the goal. The next part of the goal is to get the message board to expand in a similar fashion while working on getting some things paid off so I may continue my schooling in 2010. I'll be working on that in 2009.

Also, in early 2009, I will be FULLY archiving the story, photos and media of a Florida toddler whose story captured us all in the second half of 2008. The toddler in question is two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, presumably murdered by her mother. I am currently working on that section as I revamp AJP as a whole for 2009. Stay tuned.

The ultimate goal of A.J.'s Place is to bring an advocacy, assistance and foster care shelter to the state of Florida, where AJ lived. And I mean one that **RUNS CORRECTLY** -- not one of these stupid places that claim to be a foster care shelter and they're bumbling through the system and treating kids like trash. (Haven't the kids had enough of that kind of treatment?!) Anyway, if things go well, I'd like to possibly branch out and get other shelters like it in other states. But for now, I'm starting small, as I'm still working toward my psychology degree. That will take some time. So, in the effort and tradition of "starting small" I've decided to take A.J.'s Story and spin it off of my sister site, "The Road To Anaphe" and make a total, 100% child advocacy website out of it. This way, I can actually focus heavily on things to do with advocacy, and not have ten other things to work on in the process (and thus, have the advocacy part get lost in the shuffle).

So take a look around, read the pages, join myspace and request it as a friend, join the message board, send an email, sign a few petitions, sign the site guestbook... it's not like the site is lacking in interactivity! If you notice any broken links or have an idea, a news story, a child's picture for the memorial quilt or anything else for the site, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Get involved! There is SO much that can be done with even just a few mouse clicks!

Our kids are our future!

*~ Amanda ~*