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Recreational and Memorial Areas


As you stand in front of the main building, the recreational areas would be off to the right. These areas would include age-appropriate playground equipment, a large field for activities such as kite flying, Frisbee or organized team games (such as kickball or soccer), a basketball court, a tennis and racquetball court, a large pavilion and a fenced-in swimming pool (with life-saving pool cover).


There would be several memorial areas on the shelter’s grounds. The first one would be in the main building. On the left wall as you walk inside, that wall would contain photos, names and dates of children we’ve lost naturally or to crime. Also on that wall would be a missing children’s section … flyers of missing children from various sources.

Outside the front of the main building to the right would be the memorial wishing fountain with an angel statue in the center.

On the way to the recreational area, you’d walk along a path with flowers specially designed and grown to lure butterflies. Along the butterfly garden’s path, it’ll be made of bricks, which will have names, ages and dates of children we’ve lost naturally or to crimes.

On the way to the farm area and the cottages, there will be concrete paths with angel statues, boy statues and girl statues.

At the recreational area, there would be a large pavilion, special for shelter-wide picnics, and field days, and gated shut from the rest of the shelter when used for candlelight vigils for the public (special public-access area for this type of an event).


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