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Land and Layout

In order for this dream to become a reality, we would need to acquire as much land in one place as humanly possible. Lots of fundraising activities and donations would be necessary to achieve all of the land-clearing and building that would need to be done.

The layout would include the entire place being securely gated and a guardhouse at the entrance, much like a rich, gated community. Employees and volunteers will have their ID badge – which will double as their entry card and way to clock in and out. Visitors would have to sign in and out when they enter the main building.

A person would drive into the parking lot of the main building. The main building is right in front of you as you drive in and park. On the left side (a lengthy walk away), is a “street” of cottages. Farther off in the distance on the left is the farm / animal therapy area. To your right as you face the main building would be the recreational area.


AJ's Place Premise / A Usual Day
Main Building
Farm Area
Available Therapy Outlets

Therapy Areas
Medical / Examination Areas
Recreational and Memorial Areas
Classrooms / Library (Long-Term Residents)

Employee Plan