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Farm / Animal-Assisted Therapy Area

It is a well-known fact that animals, with their way of having unconditional love for an individual, are therapeutic. Most of the time, a sad child will see an animal such as a dog or a cat, and simply light up. The joy immediately registers on their face. The farm area is bound to be a very popular area of the shelter. We would be a no-kill farm, meaning, we wouldn’t kill the animals for meat. Kids get attached to animals rather easily, and for them to find out that the pig they loved so much is now bacon would no doubt be traumatic, especially if they just came from a home where the lives of their family pets were threatened. We’d have everything you could possibly imagine – horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, barn cats (rescued from shelters, of course!)… Everything! The shelter staff would help the child residents learn how to feed and take care of the animals, ultimately establishing a bond and learn compassion for other living things.


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