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Medical / Examination Areas

By nature, medical and examination rooms are cold in many ways. While they have to be cold temperature-wise to maintain their sterile environment, the sight of one is cold to the eyes as well. As an advocacy center, we may get children who require all kinds of examinations and evaluations. The children who have been sexually abused often have to endure an especially invasive examination.

Beginning when you enter this floor, you’d be greeted with bright colors and comforting murals. These murals would vary from room to room and include themes such as: under-the-sea adventure, rainforest hijinx, cartoon mania, storybook lovers, and mystical and magical lands. The curtains, flooring and medical tool containers would match the theme of the room they’re in.

Is it possible to get printed examination / medical gowns for the kids to wear when they come in? If so, we plan to have them – as it sure beats cold-looking white or blue gowns! Even the medical staff would be dressed in colorful scrubs of their choosing!

Even the low, soft music that’s in the room will be comforting! The music in each room would also fit the theme of the room it’s in.

All medical exam results would result in a color copy being placed in the child’s main file located on the locked file library on the fifth floor, where the shelter’s files and other important records will be kept. The originals would be locked in cabinets on the medical floor.


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