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Employee Plan

Every employee and volunteer would be REQUIRED to have an extensive background check and physical exam prior to receiving access to a child to any child on the grounds. Copies of such things would be kept in the LOCKED file library on the fifth floor of the main building, accessible strictly by head personnel. Also on file would be a set of fingerprints and a photograph taken on the day of hire.

Each employee would be given an all-access card. This card, when swiped in different areas of the grounds, would allow an employee both on and off the shelter premises, clock in and out and allow access to other things, such as the cottages, certain floors in the main building via the elevator and stairwell (main level doors to the stairs would be open, but upper levels would be locked from within the stairwell), and it would also serve as the employee’s ID badge. It would always have to be carried with them.

Employees would have to dress in a sensible manner. Teachers and other staff in the main building would have to dress in a professional, yet casual, manner. No clothing promoting alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or violence would be permitted. If sleeveless shirts or dresses are worn, the shoulders would need to be covered with an overshirt or a jacket. Comfortable shoes of any kind would be allowed. Employees in cottages and in the farm area would be allowed to wear tees, shorts and comfortable shoes.

And no, you would not have to have a degree in psychology to work in many areas of the shelter. A small background in it would be helpful, but not mandatory.

ALL employees, regardless of position, would be required to carry both walkies and cell phones to maintain communication to other employees.


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