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Below, you'll find links to all of the Guardian ad Litem / CASA sites in the USA.
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What is a Guardian ad Litem /CASA?

A Guardian ad Litem is a volunteer appointed by the court to protect the rights and advocate the best interests of a child involved in a court proceeding. The volunteer Guardian ad Litem makes independent recommendations to the court by focusing on the needs of each child. The Guardian ad Litem advocates for the best interests of the child they represent.

A Volunteer Guardian ad Litem is an individual who is appointed by the court to advocate for children who come into the court system primarily as a result of alleged abuse or neglect. Volunteer Guardians ad Litem are:

** Individuals who respects a child's inherent right to grow up with dignity in a safe environment that meets that child's best interests.
** Individuals who assures that the child's best interests are represented in the court at every stage of the case.

-- http://www.guardianadlitem.org

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